How Will A Great Estate Agent Market Your Property?

How Will A Great Estate Agent Market Your Property?

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If you’re getting ready to put your home on the property market, you’ll know how important it is to choose the right agent to help you sell it.

When selecting a real estate agent, there are a few things you should ask them to ensure they are right for the job, such as the expected market value, how quickly they can sell, and importantly, how they plan on marketing your home. Especially in hot markets where there’s plenty of property for sale, it’s important you select an estate agent who can really help yours stand out from the crowd.

Here are a few things that reputable estate agents will do to market your home in the right place and in the most effective way…


Understand the local market

A good agent will not only know things like the average selling price or time on the market (which in this day and age can be easily obtained by past-sold reports online anyway), but they’ll also know things like whether there’s strong investor activity locally, if the area is popular with young families, if there is potential for the area to become a commuter hotspot and more. This will help them market your property to the right demographic, highlighting the most appealing features in the property description and ensuring the ad appears in the right places online.


Arrange professional photography

Photos of a property can often make or break a buyer’s interest if they’re looking online, so it’s important these pictures make your property look it’s best. They may advise you to do some work around the property to modernize it or make it more aesthetically pleasing, too. They may choose to take the photos themselves, but many will instruct a professional photographer to ensure things like lighting and staging are ideal, and the finished photos are of a high standard.


Visit your property

Pictures, descriptions and even skype tours are one thing, but for a real estate agent to really have an idea of how best to market your property, they need to see it in person. This will allow them a chance to make suggestions for improvements, and to spot things that might be a strong selling feature that you may not have thought of. It will also provide them with a look and feel that can go into writing a listing online.


Write a standout property description

A property listing that really paints a picture and has a strong call to action can really pique the interest of homebuyers and investors. Again, knowing which demographic your property is best suited towards will help when drafting this wording. Your estate agent should be able to call out strong property features, provide information about local amenities and leisure, highlight transport connections and commute times and provide information about running costs so that potential buyers can really get a sense of how your property may suit their needs.


In conclusion

When it comes to making sure yours is the one that stands out among the many other houses for sale, choosing a qualified and experienced estate agent can give you the advantage you need for a successful sale.

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