How To Find The Best Tenants For Your Property

How To Find The Best Tenants For Your Property

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Landlords want to find the right tenants for their property – and fast.

Properties standing unlet are a major drain on your finances but equally, getting the wrong sort of tenants in property can prove to be an on-going nightmare.

So here you’ll find some ways of getting the right tenants into your property as fast as possible.


Advertise widely

There is no single channel for doing this and the days of putting a card in your local newsagents are now long gone – or should be!

So, think about diversifying your advertising through different channels:

  • social media;
  • your own property website;
  • property management agencies – though remember this will typically incur cost one way or another;
  • third party websites;
  • newspaper and professional journal advertisements;
  • estate agents;
  • word of mouth (with caution, as you have no control over who is hearing the tale).

Spread your advertisement as widely as you can but remember to give priority to the channels that are likely to be those used by your target demographic.


Be friendly and responsive


The best tenants are often those that are the most discerning about the properties they wish to rent.

They may well have plenty of questions and it’s imperative that you respond promptly to them and, above all, courteously. Remember, taking days to respond to a simple question is likely to be a major turn-off to many potential tenants, as will making them feel either stupid or a nuisance in terms of what they’re asking.


Be thorough and honest in your descriptions

Many tenants get immediately put off if key information simply isn’t mentioned in the advertisement.

If you don’t provide key information at the outset then some may conclude that you are trying to hide something.


Use plenty of photographs and make them pertinent

If you are putting together an ad, tenants want to see the externals of the building, a shot of each of the main rooms and preferably, a photograph or two of the surrounding location.

Missing some of those out and photographing instead some flowers in a vase on the table or a light fitting, might put people off due to them assuming you are not a professional in this area or once again, that you are trying to hide something.

Make sure your snaps are good quality too. Blurred or poorly-lit photos might make your property look like a den.


Smarten up the outside of your property

Remember, many potential tenants will do a drive-by before they make a serious inquiry. Kerb-appeal applies whether buying or renting a property.

Unkempt gardens, rubbish spilling over from bins, flaky paintwork and rusted downpipes might mean they’ll simply drive on – never to be heard from again. Even if the internals of your property are impeccable, shabby external views will put many people off.


Fix what is wrong

Almost every let property will have something go wrong from time to time.

Fix these things before you try and let your property rather than spend all of your time during a visit apologising to the potential tenants for what isn’t working and making “I’ll get that fixed” promises.


Avoid the hard sell

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Cultural values differ widely here but in general, in the UK, people don’t like to feel they’re being put under pressure to make a purchasing decision.

So whether the initial contact is via social media or through a visit, avoid trying to use emotions such as “there is a huge amount of interest in this and you’ll need to move quickly”. Even if it’s true, prime tenants typically won’t respond well.


Think about your personal appearance

Remember that during a visit, tenants will be assessing you (or your property management agency’s representative) just as much as you will be checking them out.

If you or your representative look as though you’ve just got back from three weeks in the wilderness, then that is likely to frighten off many of the more prestigious potential tenants. Don’t overdo it but try to ensure that you are perceived to be professional, smart, trustworthy and reliable. Appearance can play a huge part in that.

Good luck with your tenant hunting!

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