Property Viewings – Top Five Tips For Finding The Perfect Home

Property Viewings – Top Five Tips For Finding The Perfect Home

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Once you have visited estate agents and looked at online property for sale, it’s time to start lining up some viewings to see how these properties really match up.

This can be an exciting time, but many people also find viewings can potentially be stressful as well. It’s easy to draft up a list and create your dream home on paper, but when it comes time to find a property that matches everything on your wish list to a tee, you might be up for some challenges along the way. Here, we look at the top five ways you can make viewing homes for sale that little bit easier whilst upping your chances of success…


Look past the current decor

When scrolling through pages of property news, it can be easy to see homes with an outdated or garish decor and immediately write it off. It’s key to remember that decor and furnishings will be removed, and sometimes even some appliances, so try to look past the current state and staging and envision what you would do to the space.


Look at the property’s potential

Have any properties in the local area added an extension or converted a loft? Is there enough space in the garden to consider building a work shed or a home office at the end? Can any of the rooms be knocked through to create an open plan living space, or have their purposes renovated? If you can keep an open mind not only to what you’d do with current space but also how you might expand it, you can end up increasing the potential of the houses for sale that you view.


Be clear on your budget

It can be easy to get carried away with your budget once you’ve fallen in love with a property, especially if another buyer has as well. Having clear guidelines regarding what you are and are not willing to pay (along with an absolute maximum) can be useful to refer to during the hunting process.


Consider what your personal future looks like

It is important to be realistic about how long you see yourself living in this property. If you’re looking for a starter home or perhaps more space to accommodate a young, growing family, you may only see yourself in the property for a few years. If you are retiring or have school-aged children, you might be envisioning something more permanent. Not every home is a forever home, so thinking about how long you would be likely to stay in the property can help you with aspects of the decision, such as what you’re willing to compromise on given the timescale.  


Carry out a home inspection

Of course, any dreams of revamping and remodeling can be quickly dashed by a problematic home inspection, so make sure you have one carried out – otherwise your “perfect” home may not be so perfect after all.


In conclusion

No matter if you’re a first-time buyer or have been on the property ladder for years, looking for a home has the potential to be both an exciting and nerve-wracking experience. By having some realistic expectations, the ability to compromise and plenty of patience, you can make buying a house both more enjoyable and successful.

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